Saturday, July 23, 2016


Just a little nugget, perhaps a preview of the wild ride we are on through the trade deadline.  Just moments ago, the Chicago White Sox, who have fallen out of the pennant race, has reportedly scratched ace pitcher Chris Sale from the game tonight against Detroit.  Stating that Sale has the flu, the pitcher will not pitch tonight in Chicago despite being advertised as the starting pitcher.

Word on the street is that the Texas Rangers are hot for Sale and according to CBS Sports, "You can be sure other teams are as well, and the reported asking price in a Sale deal involves five top prospects."  How about the Yankees?  I mean, right now, the Yankees are making their ascent from the bottom in the AL East.  Why can't we be "other teams?"

I know it is far fetched, but a fan can be hopeful.  Just wanted to share this with you.  Let's see what happens next as the trade frenzy begins.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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Friday, July 22, 2016


Who the hell knows if the White Sox will ever let a team pry Chris Sale away from them, but I did read that they are willing to listen to offers.  Now, Chris Sale is having a very good season (14-3, 3.18 ERA), so the return would most likely be massive if the Chisox are willing to give him up. I can't imagine what they'd want from the New York Yankees for instance. Anyway... according to the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers appear to be all over that Sale action:

"The Rangers' struggles have made them more desperate for starting pitching. The White Sox's struggles have all but knocked them out of the AL wild card race. Because of that, the two teams appear to be circling one another and doing due diligence. Of particular interest to the Rangers: ace lefty Chris Sale and perhaps, more realistically, lefty Jose Quintana."

Now I'm not looking to trick you here. The Yankees are not a team that is connected with the Sox for Sale, but they should be... and that's my point to all of this.  The only reason I bring this up is two fold.  For 1, I just wrote that the Yankees should seriously consider being buyer's in this market with their recent winning ways.  (Read  YANKS AIN'T TRADING NO ONE IF THEY KEEP WINNING! for more.) 

Couple that with that same report from the Dallas Morning News suggesting that 2 teams are in on Sale and my thinking is always, "Cashman is secretly making a deal"... and of course, the Rangers are there.

Look... it's the rumor season.  And we're knee deep in it as the trade deadline is coming fast and furious. Think about Sale on the Yanks... who would we give up?  Interesting, right?

Anyway... Stay tuned.

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And my grammar is horrible right now.  That's what 4 Margarita's after a long week will do to me.

It's probably dangerous for me to even write this. For the record, that's a stock photo above... I do not own a cactus.


Sure, the Giants were on a losing streak going into this game, but the Yankees have been winning lately too and tonight they almost lost... until they didn't.  Chapman came in and helped get the Yankees win and his #20th Save.  Do you know how fast the last pitch of the game to Brandon Belt was on the gun when he struck Belt out?  98 mph? 105 mph? Nope and nope. 

103.  Yeah... that's it.  Why do you need to know? No idea... I'm drunk.

But here's the point of all of this.  If the Yankees keep winning... it's gonna make it pretty difficult to part with these players...guys like Andrew Miller, or even Ivan Nova or Michael Pineda, because what will end up happening is, they'll be teetering on being competitive... competitive enough to get to the playoffs and compete with the guys they have.  That will bring the Yankees into a buyer's market... and that my friends will be the biggest discussion this weekend if the Yanks can keep beating the Giants who are in "Loserville" right now.

Losing can be addictive and if a guy like Brandon Crawford commits 3 errors like he did tonight... you gotta wonder what's going on inside these Giants heads right about now. Plus... good for the Yankees to capitalize on it.

Anyway, my point is... winning can turn around the Yankees season.  Sellers? Not if they're winning!  That's all I'm saying.

Final: Yankees 3 - Giants 2


I know. This may sound a little strange and may not make a lot of sense. But give me a minute to make my case. 
As of right now the Yankees roster, including their rather anemic offense and questionable starting pitching, is not a top notch team. The Yankees do have some pieces to trade and/or release and if that were to happen, they could actually be a better ball club August 1st than they are right now.

The biggest discussion regarding the Bombers over the past few months has been whether they decide to sell or not. Most believe they should but it’s been reported Randy Levine and Hal Steinbrenner aren’t sold yet. Let me explain my side here…

The obvious trade chips include Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran. Beyond those there has seemingly been interest in Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi and I’m sure some of their younger guys and guys like Brett Gardner
If they were to make some transactions they could improve their current big league roster overnight.

Let’s give a hypothetical here that they trade Aroldis Chapman to the Nationals for highly touted pitching prospect Reynaldo Lopez
He could be injected right into the rotation. They could try and flip Carlos Beltran for another younger, close to MLB ready arm and inject another starter into the rotation, or bring up Luis Severino back up, while freeing up a roster spot for Aaron Judge once he is back 100%. If they were able to send Michael Pineda or Nathan Eovaldi to say the Rangers and pick up a couple prospects to add depth to the minors or big league roster, with potential to help the club this year and next.
There has been talk of shopping Brian McCann, which would allow the red hot Gary Sanchez to come up and contribute with the big league club. They could try and slip Jacoby Ellsbury or Brett Gardner into a deal with one of their relievers, similar to what the Red Sox did a few years back with Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. 
That could allow Ben Gamel a chance or whomever they may acquire to come and get some reps in the outfield, making the team younger and provide some much needed energy.
Another solution could be to release the likes of Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez and eat the rest of their contracts which would apparently guarantee Rob Refsnyder more at bats and free up a roster spot for a minor leaguer, say Gary Sanchez, or Aaron Judge, or some other youngster they either acquire in a trade or who deserves a shot to prove his worth in the big leagues.

Not all of these scenarios will happen. Actually none of them could happen! But the team could be, in my opinion, a stronger overall MLB team than it is now by getting younger, hungrier, more athletic and more versatile while having younger, livelier arms in the rotation.

As of this moment, as I write this, no one seems to know what the Yankees will do over the next week or so. What I do know is I sure want to see a younger Yankees team. They may take some lumps along the way but it would be a good start for the future.

The current roster just won’t cut it overall, despite their recent winning streak. So maybe, just maybe, the Yankees could buy, by selling. What do you think? Comment and let us know.

--Dan Lucia, BYB Senior Writer
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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Not sure if you remember, but #BYB had written SOURCE: METS WANT DROB FOR LEADERSHIP & "TOP" CLOSER in November 2014? In that piece, we wrote:

"Speculation and the rumor mill kills me sometimes, because the truth is, you never really know what’s going to happen to a player until it happens.  Sure, certain writers are called "baseball insiders", but what do they really know? Hell... What do I really know? All I’m saying is the rumor mill can be fascinating sometimes That being said… you won’t believe what I heard about David Robertson and the New York Mets. A source that I am friendly with was chatting with someone "familiar" with the internal chatter inside Mets camp, and it was suggested that there is concern about the closer situation in Mets-land.  With that, there were "serious discussions" about making a "hard push" to bring David Robertson to Queens."

Now, that was 2014, and that didn't happen, and after that I was questioned by "important" folks like I was some kind of jerk for having it and them not.
And yes, that's exactly what happened, because Schoenfeld sure as hell wouldn't read little Bleeding Yankee Blue. In fact, it was amazing to see what ESPN and Sports Illustrated did after my piece was written:

  "...that appeared in ESPN SweetSpot's David Schoenfield's piece titled David Robertson to the Mets?  Yup, that's right. In it, Schoenfield wrote: 'As it turns out, Joe Sheehan mentioned this in his newsletter this morning. He wrote, No, if the Mets do sign another [compensation-eligible] free agent, I suspect it will be David Robertson. Robertson fills a position of perceived need, closer, where the Mets have a number of options but none with a track record of success. Robertson, as Granderson did a year ago, comes with familiarity to the fan base, a built-in credibility.'"

And by the way, no disrespect to Mark Simon. One of the best out there. He just hangs with the wrong people.  Anyway, I digress.

 It was then, November 2014 that that DRob story died...Until now.  Turns out the Mets are back to looking to try and bring David Robertson to the Mets, and it's serious this time.  Same friend, similar conversation, and I am putting it out there once again, that the rumor season is crazy and I am NOT a 'baseball insider'.  I'm just a guy with a friend that is in the Mets clubhouse who gave me a sweet nugget about David Robertson.

Let's see what happens. And lets see how quickly the others steal this story.  That's right Joe Sheehan...

I'm watching you...