Saturday, October 21, 2017


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With Justin Verlander on the mound for the Houston Astros, I was not thinking about the Yankees winning tonight. The reason was simple.  While I knew that there was always a chance that the Yankees could figure out Big V like they did Dallas Keuchel, the reality was the chances were slim... and I knew that.

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Luis Severino is the man.  There is no question about it.  But he gets easily frazzled be it if he walks a batter or gives up a hit.  And while I knew that... I was hoping that he would be able to grind through the game the best he could in the hopes that Yankee adrenaline would take over and he would power through like a veteran pitcher or something.  But here's the reality, and it was proven tonight by the young New York Yankees... they are still immature.  They still aren't "seasoned" as we would like. And that's all you need to know about this game. 

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Guys like Severino just didn't have what he needed when the Astros started to put pressure on him.  Sure, he had a no hitter going for a bit, but you knew, being in the Houston Astros house that that would eventually change.  Hell, as I said to friend and Bergen Record beat writer for the Yankees, Pete Caldera... that loudness and orange towel waving garbage drives me nutty as a fan... AND I'M HOME.
I couldn't handle the pressure in Houston, and it was clear that neither could the Yankees.

And so Game 7 is super important for the Yanks now.  Sure, the Yanks weren't even supposed to make the playoffs. We are a team in a building year, remember? But something happened this season.  We found life and we got to the playoffs... and for a while, we played hard and proved to the world that we have a team that loved playing with each other and loved to win together.

And I found it strange that after the Yankees swept the 'Stros at home in the ALCS before we went back to Houston, the mainstream media had a Yankee/Dodgers World Series preview in their publications. There were snappy headlines... there was too much fanfare for something that didn't happen yet.  As I saw that going to work yesterday, I thought, "That's a jinx, huh?"

But look, I don't really buy into the bull.  What I do know is watching the Yankees tonight, we looked good until we didn't.  That means that we were playing well, until the crowd and the Astros pitching got to us.  And one thing I can say right now is, fans in other parks change everything. 

You hear Dallas Keuchel talking about how the Yankee fans intimidated him in the Bronx. Well... don't get it twisted, the Yanks are feeling it in Houston... and so am I.

I know the Yankees are a good baseball team, but here's the reality; if the Yankees don't come in to Houston ready to grind this game out, it's over. Here's the thing though... we have CC Sabathia and company on the mound and that means that everyone is available to a point.  Look, There is a pitcher or 2 we are NOT using in the hopes that we can go to the World Series.  But we gotta go hard and we gotta be ready to play.

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A few observations from tonight; I hated watching Gary Sanchez swing on a 3-0 pitch with 2 men on. That was stupid. It was a check swing, it wasn't even significant, and for me, that was a game changer...literally.
I thought DRob got lit up but I refuse to hammer him.  The truth is the Astros were looking for a different pitcher and have seen him enough to know what he was throwing. He got beat tonight, but I ain't mad at him. I think he's done great things for us.

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Chad Green is the man. Great pitching tonight.  You have to tip your cap.  He really did well in relief for Sevy.  Give him credit and if you ever see him on the street, thank him. Seriously.

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I tip my cap to Todd Frazier. He had a bomb, but some days you just can't get a break.  Frazier and the Yankees didn't get one. That's baseball.

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And finally CC Sabathia.  Now I love the man.  My kid loves the man.  He has been on an incredible journey from a terrific power pitcher, to reinventing himself in his personal life, and  then becoming more of a finesse pitcher.  There is nothing I would like more for CC than to win tomorrow night in Houston.  He deserves that... the Yankees do.... his family does.  But can it happen? Well, there are 3 factors...

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1... The Yankees have to score runs.  They have to get to the Astros pitching and into their pen early. Charlie Morton is starting. If the Yankees can get into the Astros pen, they win.

2... CC and the Yankee pitching staff. Girardi said it tonight... everyone is available in the pitching staff except for a few people.  That's good.

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3.  Turning the page.  CC Sabathia said it best tonight.  The best thing he loves about this team is the way they can "turn the page" after a loss, reset and win.  The Yankees can do it... the Yankees HAVE to do it.  Coming this far along... it just makes sense.

As my friend Alexis told me this week... a LA Dodgers fan mind you.... "I wanna see a Dodgers... Yankees World Series."

So do I.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017


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I can't remember the last time I was this amped up during the postseason. Sure 2009 was nice but this just feels different. Maybe it's because this team is driving everyone around me crazy after they say we can't win and then we do. It makes me smile and do my own little celebration dance. You would think that baseball fans have figured out by now that you can NEVER count the Yankees out...

Yet up until the Yankees won game 4 all of the baseball experts were still betting on Houston. Baseball analysts on FS1 were still all about Houston, even David Ortiz predicted Game 4 was going to be a "Bronx bummer" and man it feels good to say "HA! You were wrong, Papi!" Has he really forgotten in his short lived retirement gig that you can NEVER count us out? He should know better since he was our enemy for so many years. Of course, yesterday morning before the game he quickly changed his tune and thought the Yankees had game 5. I've said it before and I will say it again....I LOVE being the underdog.

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Over the past week I have only heard about what the Yankees "CANT" do. I've heard it all from the Yankees CANT beat Corey Kluber twice  to the Yankees will choke AGAIN against Dallas Keuchel to the big powers that be in Major League Baseball have already rigged the postseason for a Dodgers-Yankees World Series because that is how they will make the most money.

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Even if you HATE the Yankees you have to admit as a baseball fan we have risen to the challenge and YES, we are good!

Are we a young team?

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Definitely, but just took out the World Series favorite Cleveland Indians and are one game away from eliminating the Houston Astros and heading back to the World Series. Our suspect pitching that analysts said would be our downfall has helped us get where we are and our pitching has been on point. I believe the cliche that pitching wins championships and right now our guys are playing like champions.

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The Yankees are finally seeing the ace they have been expecting for so long in Masahiro Tanaka. He was brilliant in game three of the ALDS and last night he pitched deep into the game and was pretty smooth sailing. He pitched himself into a jam once and got out of it. THAT is the pitcher the Yankees have been looking for all season.You also can't overlook CC Sabathia either because that man has found his renewed pitching youth.

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Speaking of youth....Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have finally found their swings while veteran Todd Frazier has basically been in every postseason rally the Yankees have had!

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It's been a wild postseason ride so far. I just keep thinking that we are ONE GAME away from the World Series. This team just keeps amazing me. It's going to feel like a long off day thanks to all of the anticipation. I didn't think we would be where we are right now....but man am I happy that we are! You can't predict baseball, especially postseason baseball but I am going to continue betting on our guys.

We are coming for you, Houston....and we have our eye on the prize. Rebuilding? HA! We have been built pretty strong already. #Take17.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Strike up the band! We beat Dallas Keuchel.
I needed to tweet that... I was so psyched tonight!

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When everything clicks, it's pretty incredible to be a Yankee fan. I saw a team tonight that truly loves playing with each other, and loves playing in the Bronx!   Seeing Chase Headley break out of his slump tonight was wild!

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Watching Sanchez , Bird and Judge mature before our eyes is true magic.   And then there was Masahiro Tanaka...

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What can I say? Tanaka was dominant. He's the Tanaka the Yankees and Yankee fans have been waiting for since we signed him.  He's unstoppable. He's a monster.
He is truly confident and without fear.  Combine that with that bullpen and our amazing offense lately and that is a recipe for greatness.

I am telling you this.  I was excited in 2009... but right now... I'M VERY EXCITED.

Oct. 13, 2017 - Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America
Winning 3 in a row was something I wasn't sure was capable when we left Houston a few days ago.  Now we're up 3 games to 2 and we're headed back to Houston with our best pitcher in Luis Severino.

It won't be easy in Game 6.  Playing against Justin Verlander is no easy task.  Last outing against us he was great.  AND... we were in Houston.  Keep that in mind... while we have momentum, and believe me... we have it, Verlander has Houston and those fans are solid.

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But we can do it, we're the Yankees. 

I know we can... I believe we can.  It's some of the best baseball I have seen this team play all year long.  They have bonded... they like each other. Hell... I think one of the big parts of this team is just having Todd Frazier around to keep the energy alive!  I venture to say I think I like him around more than I did Nick Swisher... and I know, I will get crucified for that, but there is something about Frazier that is a spark like nothing I've seen in that Yankee clubhouse in a long time. 

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He is loved by his teammates... and he loves being a New York Yankee and all it brings with it.  And I believe he's a big part of the clicking of the New York Yankees right now. He showed up... the Yankees started picking up the pace.  Now we're in the playoffs... one game away from the World Series... and there's confidence and a liveliness everywhere.

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We are the Yankee Click Machine right now.  We can do this folks. Names like Judge. Sanchez. Sabathia. Severino. DRob. Kahnle. Gardner....

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Didi. Chapman. Tanaka. and yes... Frazier.

We are the New York Yankees... I can't wait for Game 6.

I leave you with 3 great fans... and 3 fun nuggets to keep you entertained...

The first comes from one of our BYB Hub sites... Krusty Sox Sports... bashing the most horrible anti-Yankee broadcaster out there... Joe Buck. Read Listen to how depressed Joe Buck is after Masahiro Tanaka strikes out a hitter to get out of a jam.

The next nugget comes from @CANiPETTITTE who dresses her dog in #BYB for good luck.
Damn I love this so much!

And finally, this is an email I got from my brother from another mother...

Yankee and BYB fanatic... from Australia, Joey Moses...

"The last time we went undefeated at home in the playoffs, we won the World Series. Let's bring the trophy home. One more win! #BleedingYankeeBlue"

Nailed it, brother!


Be Read. Get Known.


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I went to the 2017 Wild Card game with my brother, Paul, who is as a big of a Yankee fan as you and me.  He called out to the Minnesota Twins as we came back and won the game, "This is October Baseball in the Bronx Baby!"  And since that moment, I have coined that phrase throughout the ALDS until this very moment, the morning of Game 5 where the Yankees find themselves in familiar but yet unfamiliar territory.  All tied up and the reality that we have a chance to advance sooner than we thought we could.

Source: AP

"Down two runs to the Astros and in serious trouble of being pushed to the brink of elimination, the Yankees rallied for four in the eighth inning and a 6-4 victory witnessed by a sold-out crowd of 48,804 that sounded a whole lot like the raucous mob that used to live across the street in October," reported the NY Post minutes following last night's incredible come from behind win.

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We are THE DEAD BATS SOCIETY no more as even Chase Headley plowed an opposite side single to score Todd Frazier who started off the hot bats and ignited an 8th inning that shook the new House that Ruth Built like never before.  Aaron Judge hit, Didi Gregorius hit, Gary Sanchez hit...The eighth inning was electric as I stood in my kitchen afraid to breathe, afraid to move, afraid to sit down- so I didn't until Aroldis Chapman retired the last of Astros and brought Game 4 to a close.

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Tonight we host Game 5 where Masahiro Tanaka will go head-to-head with Dallas Keuchel, who says the Bronx atmosphere will have no effect on his performance.  "Don’t bother with the Bronx cheers. Yelling and screaming won’t work either. Dallas Keuchel embraces it all. He says you won’t rattle him Wednesday when he warms up in the bullpen before Game 5 of the American League Championship Series," reports the NY Daily News.

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Dallas, you ain't seen nothing like October Baseball in the Bronx Baby!  We are coming for you Keuchel.  The entire stadium will be there, bellowing, shaking the ballpark like you have never seen or heard before.  Let's make this a Game 5 to remember! 



--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


But it ain't over yet.

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The Yankees needed to break out, and with CC Sabathia on the bump, and our Yankees hitting finally, it was refreshing.

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Games like that are necessary for any fan, because it shows life, carried momentum through a clubhouse and hopefully the wins continue today, with the game started at 5pm.

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Aaron Judge had moments last night where I just had a hunch he'd break out.  I tweeted about it:
Finally, he cranked a 3 run homer and broke the game wide open.  Couple that with a Todd Frazier 3 run homer earlier in the night, and man oh man did it feel good to be a Yankee fan.

Photo: Getty Images
Let me just say something about Todd Frazier... what a great guy... team player, fun, energetic. He is exactly the right veteran you need in that clubhouse.  You add in CC Sabathia and guys like Matt Holliday, you have veteran wisdom.  You gotta hope that's rubbing off on the youngsters.

Photo: Getty Images
I felt bad for Dellin Betances.  This is guy that hasn't really been used too often, then Joe throws him in with an 8-0 lead, the dynamic for a setup man with that lead is much different. He looked uncomfortable. I felt for him, I really did.  And taking him out with 2 straight walks... man he looked pissed.  But look, this is the playoffs... everybody has to be ready... and he wasn't. 

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Tommy Kahnle has been Joe's new tool, and he uses him often.  I hope they don't wear that dude out.

Look, overall I loved what I saw last night.  And there will be more today no doubt.  Sonny Gray is a great young pitcher.

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Here is the problem with Mr. Gray... the Yankees don't give him the run support he needs.  But that garbage needs to take a back seat today.  Yanks need to score and help a brother out.  Because by the end of tonight... we have to be tied in this series... 2 games to 2.
P.S. Someone needs to tell Joe Buck his obsession with Jose Altuve is obvious and embarrassing.  He needs to cool it.


Go Yanks!